Linear Appraisal Scores

4yr4mo VEV 88

Sire: *B Woest-Hoeve Ryukyu
SS: +B SGCH Iron-Owl Bluebeard  FS92 EEE
SD: SGCH Iron-Owl Hoot   2*M  FS90 EEEV

Dam: Darilane XF Shark Tales
DS: ++*B SG Kastdemur's Expressway  FS91 EEE
DD: Cactus*Point Just A Fantasy  85 VVAV

DNA / G6S Normal

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*B Reuel Josee's MIC Jethro Too 4/15/14

Linear Appraisal Scores

5mo   VVV   V

1yr 2mo  VV+ 87

2yr 4mo VEV 88

4yr 4mo EEE 91

Jethro arrived with his two sister and we had no orders for bucks from his dam, Josee.  Jethro was strikingly correct and very sweet.  When the buck kid we planned on keeping died due to a birth defect, Jethro quickly moved in to the "keeper" pen.  He has been growing like a weed and has bred several does. We’re excited to see how his kids look. 

Josee is an exceptional doe who appraised 89 (the highest possible as a first freshener) at 2 years old.  She developed mastitis as a second freshener and was not appraised this past summer.  We are hoping that she does well this year but we know that her son has the genetic make up to produce beautiful daughters.

We'll get a picture this June when he gets a haircut and gains some weight back from being in rut.

Sire:*B Reuel Miriam's EXP Micah
Dam:SG Reuel Jael's WC Josee  4*M

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Linear Appraisal Scores

1yr 4mo VVV 86

2yr 2 mo VVE 88

3yr 4mo EEE 90

We were delighted to find this beautifully bred boy right in our own back yard and even happier to be able to purchase him from the Strong Family.... We purchased him on his pedigree strength alone and were more than thrilled to see what a handsome young man he is. Thank you to Jim and Suzanne Strong for allowing us to add this guy to our breeding program.

He has just enough of our does in his background to fit in to the program and add some wonderful additional strong points. He is smoothly blended and well grown. His top line is beautiful and his dairy strength is outstanding. We are very excited to see his babies this spring.


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Reference Bucks

++*B SGCH Ladies Blue CMD  Jesse James       4/7/97

Get of Sire


JJ's Daughters



Best Dairy Herd

J.J. was a upstanding buck with a beautiful rear leg set and the most open and rounded escutcheon that we have ever seen. His mother was outstanding doe, she classified 90 (E, E, E, E) at six. We have long admired Trish and are thrilled to have her genes in our herd. Her son had a delightful temperament and was a joy to work with. His daughters were very nice with wonderful angulation and temperament. JJ has proven himself to be a consistent buck siring uniformly long, smooth daughters with lovely mammaries. J.J. really filled out as a 4 year old and at 350 pounds was truly a gentle giant of a buck. He gently romanced his does and treated them as a gentleman should. We are very proud of this buck and his offspring.

He has sired numerous Permanent Champions, Superior Genetics animals, and Does that score in the 90's. His Senior Get of Sire was undefeated in 2004 and again in 2007. Our get of Jesse James placed 6th at the 2005 nationals and we will continue to use him as much as we can through AI. It was a very sad day late in January 2007 when we had to say good bye to our favorite Old Man. He has and will continue to be greatly missed. We will continue to use Jesse James on carefully selected does via AI and are very thankful to have a supply of his semen in our tank.

S.S. ++*B GCH H.Homestead Catalyst
Sire: ++*B Ladies-Blue Cat-Man-Do
S.D. 5*M Ladies Blue Wicked Figure
D.S. ++*B H.Homestead Smooth Blend
Dam: 3*M GCH Ladies Blue Smooth Trish
D.D. 2*M Ladies Blue BlackLilly

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*B Reuel Miriam's EXP Micah  4/02/07

2011 EliteSire

2 year old Micah

 Linear Appraisal Scores

4 mo +,V,+ FS +

1yr 1mo V,V,V, FS 86

2yr 2mo +,V,E, FS 85

3yrs 5 mo   +VE  84

6yrs 2mo VVE 87

7yr 5mo   VEE  90

Micah as a yearling

Micah and Marco arrived amid the excitement of a flurry of kiddings. We were very happy to see one buck out of Miriam and a little disappointed that she didn’t have a doe for us as well. The more we looked at these twin bucks the more we liked them and so we decided to retain Micah and send his brother to Black Mesa Ranch in AZ where we hope that his mother's incredible butter fat and solids percentages will help to sustain their fantastic cheese operation. Micah is very much a baby and is penned with one of our two year old bucks on each side of him.... He is watched over by both of the big boys and he is carefully taking notes on the big guys' activities. We will be giving him a couple of doelings of his own this winter and are looking forward to seeing some of his kids on the ground this spring. He has gotten a good deal of height from his father and good body depth and strength from both of his parents. His dam, Miriam, ranked #3 in Butterfat production for 2005.

Sire: +B SG Kastdemur's Expressway                    
Dam: SGCH Reuel Mei Tu's JJ Miriam 2*M

Micah at 3 years old


7 year old Micah

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*B CH Remuda Winter Constellation 3/2006


Linear Appraisal Scores

2 yrs  VVV 87

4yrs 2 mo  VEE 90


Conner's Dam, Celeste.  First Place 3 Yr. Old at ADGA Nationals!


Conner at 4 years old

Thank-you Pat Lantz for allowing us to purchase this stunning young man.

He is a gentleman and has the kind of temperament that we breed for here.

He has wonderful genetics and his Great Grandmother on the dam's side was a Reuel doe so we have great confidence that he will meld nicely with our herd and give us some greater strength in the top line and that he will pass along his levelness through out. Springtime will be an exciting time around here and the years to come will certainly be interesting as we watch his does mature. Thanks Pat, we SO appreciate you!


Sire's Sire: +B GCH Mystery Creek Jedi
Sire: ++*B Amberwood Jedi's Winter Frost (LA 7-02 91 EVE)
Sire's Dam: Jibarski Bo's Secret Whisper 2*M

Dam's Sire: +*B SGCH Copper-Hill Breakaway's Sonset  (LA 5-05 87 VVE)
Dam: SGCH Remuda BS Bess Celeste 11*M(LA 3-08 92 EEEE)
Dam's Dam: Sungai Mara's SW Bess 10*M

Yet another beautiful daughter of Conner's - Stella


Some of Conner's daughters

11th place Yearling Milker at 2009 Nationals (above and below) 


15th place Sr. Yearling at 2009 Nationals


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*B SG Reuel Zephyr's JJ Sirocco  88 VEE

 Sirocco was returned to us at a time when we really wanted to add a line-bred Jesse James son to our herd. We are most grateful to Cheryl Clark for her generosity. 
Sirocco is a large and graceful young man who shows many of the traits that made his grandfather a tremendous asset to our herd. He is long, tall and strong without losing dairy character. We are anxious to use him on a select number of our does. It doesn’t hurt his pedigree that he combines not only Jesse James’ strength with the strengths of two of our strongest doe lines.

Sire: *+B Reuel Rufus' JJ Ryan         
Dam: SGCH Reuel Zina’s JJ Zephyr 9*M


Sirocco daughters

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Ryan is a delightful young buck who has a great pedigree. We think a lot of his sire and dam and hope for great things from him. He has great potential. He is long and level and very dairy with a beautiful head and long ears. His daughters are very consistently long and dairy and usually deep red with black trim. One of his daughters is informally pictured on the right. Ryan hasn’t been shown as circumstances and buck show cancellations haven combined to keep him out of the ring. We continue to use Ryan via AI and are pleased with the results.

Sire: SGCH *++B Ladies Blue CMD Jesse James
Dam: GCH *M Reuel Valentine's J. Rufus

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It was with great sadness that we loaded Blue into a truck for his trip to a new home. He truly is an exceptional old man and we miss him greatly. We are delighted to have learned that the old man has been again sold and now is being properly spoiled in Bonner's Ferry ID. He has survived a dog attack and Nancy Cima has spent countless hours nursing him back to health. We will continue to use Blue via the AI route and are enjoying the lovely does that he has left in our herd.

Blue matured into a formidable buck. He is long and dairy with a wonderful temperament. We are very pleased with his offspring. His milking daughters have placed consistently in the top three places in the ring . They are getting better and better as they mature. Their udders are high wide and nicely shaped. Blue's doe kids are uniformly long bodied with nice front ends and rear leg set. His line breeding on H.Homestead Smooth Blend is evident in the remarkable consistency of his offspring. His kids are showing great dairy character without loss of substance. He has been a wonderful addition to our herd. We are proud of the "Old" man and delighted with his lovely daughters. His Senior Get placed 10th at the Nationals in 1999 and His more mature get placed 1st at the Central Washington Fair in Yakima in 2001. And his daughter, GCH Reuel Zif's Blue Zina finished her Permanent Championship in 2001.

Sire's Sire: Fra-Jac's Gay Joker's Wild ++*B
Sire: GCH Ladies Blue Wild Wicked Game +*B
Sire's Dam: GCH Ladies Blue Smooth Trish 2*M

Dam's Sire: H.Homestead Smooth Blend
Dam: GCH Ladies Blue Smooth Red Velvet *M
Dam's Dam: Sunburst Rea Madonna

We have very limited semen available 5/$150

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*B Reuel Amanda's J. Amon

Amon is a correct and handsome young man. He is the image of his father. He has nice daughters on the ground and some will be fresh this spring. He has wonderful breed character and a very nice long bone pattern. He is a very tall and dairy buck as befits his breeding. We were sorry to have to sell him this fall in order to make space for our ordered baby buck. We have him in the tank and will be using him from time to time. His daughters uniformly have beautiful general appearance and nice udders.  

S.S. +*B The King's Magic Golden Image
Sire: +*B GCH Reuel MS Jonathan's Image
S.D. 4*M GCH Sayman's Lustre's Moon Shadow 
D.S. +*B GCH Ladies Blue Wicked Blue Suede
Dam: 2*M Reuel Rhoda's Blue Amanda
D.D. *M Reuel Dodie's Regel Rhoda

Semen available 5/$100

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++*B GCH H.Homestead Quicksilver

S.S. Lotus Ladies Super Chardonnay
Sire: Lotus Ladies Silver Sterling
S.D. Lotus Ladies Charming Kashmire

D.S. Lotus Ladies Rebel Rouser
Dam: 6*M Timber Cove's R.R. Nicole
D.D. Don Diene's SP Sami Samantha 

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S.S. Lotus Ladies Silver Sterling
Sire: ++*B GCH H.Homestead Ouicksilver
S.D. 6*M Timber Cove's R.R. Nicolz

D.S. ++*B Warpaint Acres Super Buck
Dam: 8*M GCH H.Homestead Super Freestyle
D.D. 7*M GCH H. Homestead Sun Tiara 

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S.S. ++*B Fra Jac's Gay Grady
Sire: +*B Fra Jac's Gay Joker's Wild
S.D. 4*M Nestucca's Kasey

D.S. ++*B H.Homestead Smoothblend
Dam: 3*M GCH Ladies Blue Smooth Trish
D.D. 2*M Ladies Blue Black Lilly 

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*B Reuel MS Silver Nathanial

S.S *B Lotus Ladies Silver Sterling
Sire: ++*B GCH H. Homestead Quicksilver
S.D. 6*M Timber Cove's R.R. Nicole

D.S. +*B Luck E G Sun Flash 
Dam: 4*M GCH Sayman's Lustre's Moon Shadow
D.D. 3*M GCH Sayman's M.L. Lustre 

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+*B GCH Sayman's Regal Duke

We are delighted to have settled a doe to this fine old buck. His daughters have been uniformly milky and have wonderful dairy character and temperament. We are glad to have the opportunity to bring him back into our herd and look for great things from his offspring

S.S. ++*B Silver Thistle Jelly Conquest
Sire: *B Cedarsage Star Trek 
S.D. Cedarsage Starflower 4*M

D.S. ++*B Cadillac Piejar
Dam: Triple R My Shadow 2*M 
D.D. Triple R Kizzy *M

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*B Sayman's Regal Boaz

We have used this double Duke son on a does from whom we would like to see more dairy character. He was a very nice buck who produced very dairy offspring that proved themselves in the milk pail.

S.S. *B Cedarsage Star Trek
Sire: ++*B GCH Sayman's Regal Duke
S.D. Triple R My Shadow 2*M

D.S. ++*B GCH Sayman's Regal Duke
Dam: GCH Sayman's Regal Lustre 3*M
D.D. Sayman's Miss Liberty 2*M

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We were delighted when Teresa Wade suggested that we try Polaris on our Ladies. We AI'd 2 does to him last year and are very happy with how they have turned out. We will continue to use him in our breeding program.

Polaris is the full brother to the 1st place Junior Yearling at the 2002 National Show. He arrived in this world with a large audience as his mother was the demonstration doe for a c section at the 2001 Convention in Portland. Teresa says that he is very long and level and an extreamely dairy buck from his long lean neck through his long level loin and even through to a long lean tail.

Sire: +B Inavale Galaxy (LA 4-02 88 VEE)
Dam: GCH 3*M K's T.K. Fancy Lady (LA 5-04 90 VEEE)

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We feel fortunate to have been able to purchase semen from this fine buck. We were impressed by his pictures and his dam's longevity and beautiful udder ( Lady Regina was 1998 Reserve National Champion, 1998 National Best Udder and 2000 Reserve National Best Udder). Marcus has shown his strength in the show ring with numerous Best Buck in Show awards. He is long, deep, and very dairy without loss of power and strength.

S.S. CH Price O The Field Meta Power
Sire: CH Price O The Field Monarch
S.D. CH Price O The Field Miss Marlene

D.S. +*B Price O The Field Luke
Dam: CH Price O The Field Lady Regina 
D.D. Price O The Field A Mercy Lady

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Jon was a huge and gentle buck. He finished his Championship as a 3 year old and had to be put down in May the next year. I was glad to have had him collected. As is usually true we don't know the true value of a buck until he is at least 4 or 5. I have two daughters of his remaining in the herd and both have proved to be outstanding does as 4 year olds. Rufus was 4th place 4 year old at the Nationals in 1999 and Fancy was Supreme Champion Doe at the Interstate Fair in 1999. He was truly a gentle giant of a buck passing on great strength of bone, topline and great structural correctness coupled with well attached udders.

Sire's Sire: *+B Price of the Field Double Image
Sire: The Kings Magic Golden Image *B
Sires Dam: Price of the Field Samantha 3*M

Dam's Sire: Lucky-E-G Sunflash +*B
Dam: GCH Sayman's Lustre's Moonshadow 4*M
Dam's Dam: GCH Sayman's ML Lustre 3*M

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We are delighted to have the opportunity to help prove this beautiful buck. He is tall, wide and level. We will try him on one of our 3 year old GCH's and are looking forward to seeing his kids arrive in April. He has an amazing pedigree! Thank you to Dwight and Michelle for the chance to try this big guy!

Sire's Sire: GCH Kastdemur's MPR Liaison
Sire: *+B Kastdemur's LH Full Service
Sire's Dam: GCH Kastdemur's HCK Hailey

Dam's Sire: High Tor E Ticket
Dam: GCH Kastdemur's Aubree
Dam's Dam:GCH Kastdemur's Crown Finale

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