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*B Reuel Josee's MIC Jethro Too 4/15/14

Linear Appraisal Scores

5mo   VVV   V

1yr 2mo  VV+ 87

2yr 4mo VEV 88

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Jethro arrived with his two sister and we had no orders for bucks from his dam, Josee.  Jethro was strikingly correct and very sweet.  When the buck kid we planned on keeping died due to a birth defect, Jethro quickly moved in to the "keeper" pen.  He has been growing like a weed and has bred several does. We’re excited to see how his kids look. 

Josee is an exceptional doe who appraised 89 (the highest possible as a first freshener) at 2 years old.  She developed mastitis as a second freshener and was not appraised this past summer.  We are hoping that she does well this year but we know that her son has the genetic make up to produce beautiful daughters.

We'll get a picture this June when he gets a haircut and gains some weight back from being in rut.

Sire:*B Reuel Miriam's EXP Micah
Dam:SG Reuel Jael's WC Josee  4*M



Reuel Glenna's FAL Graza    5/9/16

Linear Appraisal Scores

 Not appraised yet

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Graza was the caboose on this year's kidding train.  She was only 4.4 pounds at birth but she didn't let her small size slow her down.  She is quite an eager eater and is growing nicely.  We decided at the last minute to add her to our keeper pen and she again has the elegant bearing of all our Falcon daughters.  She is a mighty little force and we are looking forward to seeing her grow and develop.  She will not be bred until the fall of 2017.

Sire: Ober-d Rainbow DRK Falcon
Dam: Reuel Galen's MIC Glenna


Reuel Zamar's FAL Zeffera   4/9/16

Linear Appraisal Scores

3 mo ++++

1yr 2 mo A+AA 77

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Zamar has always been very dramatic when kidding and this year was no exception. She delivered her kids with no shortage of noise, but WOW! Were they ever colorful.  She managed a set of 4 fancy doelings.  We had a hard time choosing one to retain and finally settled on Zeffera.  She is nice and long and wide and super colorful as icing on the cake. We like her nice long, well set neck and her depth of body. 

Sire: Ober-d Rainbow DRK Falcon
Dam: Reuel Zadee's EXP Zamar

Show Wins

NEWDGA Fall show: 1st April kid

2016 Spokane Interstate Fair: 3rd April kid, 2nd place Jr Get of Falcon, 3rd Best 3, 2nd Jr Breeders Herd