SG Reuel Rufus' Royal Rhesa 2*M 4/4/03


Linear Appraisal Scores

3yr  4mo VEEV  89

 5yr  2 mo EEEV  90

DHIR Milk Records

1 01 280 1100 5.3 58 3.9 43

2 00 282 1890 5.1 96 3.9 74

2 11 288 2120 4.5 95 3.7 79

3 11 305 1900 4.6 87 3.8 72

4 11 281 1710 4.9 84 3.9 65

6 00 135 880 4.4 39 3.6 32

6 11 116 620 5.0 31 3.5 2

Rhesa is sound and productive. She was dried off early as she is now getting older and we are more interested in her offspring than adding her milk to the milk pail. Rhesa is a real prize and passes on her signature "perfect" rump to all of her offspring. Her son, Rio Grande, who works as a herd sire in Arizona, passes that same wide, flat rump on to his offspring, also.  At this writing Rhesa has 3 daughters and one son who have appraised 90 or better, that we know about! 

Sire: GCH Price O the Field Royal Marcus +B
Dam: GCH Reuel Valentine's J Rufus 1*M

Rhesa's 4 milking daughters in the herd. Left to right: Jael (3yr) Raya (4yr)  Rama (2yr) Rusti (1yr)

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Reuel Zina's JJ Zadee9*M 2/14/05

Linear Appraisal Scores

1 yr 6 mo +, V, V FS V

2 yr  6 mo  VVEV  86

3 yr  4mo   V+VV  88

5 yr  6mo    VVVE 89

6yr 4 mo     VVEV 88

DHIR Milk Records

2 01 263 1430 4.7 67 3.7 53

3 01 305 1750 5.1 89 3.8 67

4 02 300 1630 4.8 78 3.6 59

5 02 249 1290 4.9 63 3.7 48 

6 01 112 900 4.2 38 3.4 31

Zadee's name means princess and she very definitely thinks that she is a princess. Her arrival was eagerly anticipated as she is a full sister to our beautiful Zephyr. She is long and level and has beautiful breed character. Her udder is nicely shaped and firmly attached with nice teats and she milks well. She is a powerful and stunning doe.  She carries the strength and attitude of her beloved mother, Zina.  Zadee had a C-secton to deliver 2 beautiful and very large kids. Her buck and doe are thriving and promise to make her proud. Zadee never looked back and has continued to milk very well and she has recovered beautifully. We are looking forward to more of her beautiful kids.

Sire:*++B SGCH Ladies Blue CMD Jesse James
Dam:GCH Zif's Blue Zina 8*M

Show Wins


NEWDGA Show Spokane: (3 rings) 1st and 2 seconds
Spokane Fair: 3rd Place 5 Yr Old, 3rd Place Senior Get of Sire (Jesse James)


ADGA Nationals: 11th Place 4 Yr Old, 10th place Dairy Herd, 12th place Best of Three Females
Spokane Fair: 3rd Place 4 Yr Old, 2nd Place Sr Get Of Sire

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SGCH Reuel Tapestry's RY Gingham 11*  4/21/07 

Linear Appraisal Scores

1yr 4mo  +,V,+ FS +

2yr 2 mo  VVVV 86

3yr 4mo  VEEE 90

4yr 3mo  EEEE 90

DHIR Milk Records

1 10 305 1680 4.5 76 4.1 69

2 11 305 2040 4.5 99 4.0 82

03 11 278 2070 4.9 101 4.0 83

4 11 305 1870 5.0% 93 4.2% 79

5 11 171 1100 4.3 47 3.8 42

Gingham is a nice addition to our milking string. She quickly adjusted to the milking routine and developed into a very nice doe. We expect that she will only improve with age as did her mother. She is a striking deep red color and is affectionately known as "Dingy-Gingy". She has grown and matured a great deal and has earned herself a place in our herd with a beautifully attached and productive udder. Dingy-Gingy has stopped being "Dingy" much to our delight and has really come of age. Gingham has done her job in the show ring as well and we are delighted with her development and strength as she competes in the Aged doe classes.

Sire: +*B Reuel Rufus' JJ Ryan
Dam: SG Reuel Lacie's EXP Tapestry 10*M


Show Wins

2012 NEWDGA Show Spokane: (3 rings) 3X1st age doe with 3X best udder, 2X Best udder of Breed, 1X Grand Champion & Best of Breed

2012 Clayton Show: 2nd place Champion Challenge, Best Dairy Herd of Breed

2012 Yakima Fair: 4th place Champion Challenge, 2nd place Produce of Dam, 2nd place Dairy Herd, 1st place Breeder's Herd

2012 Spokane Fair: 4th place Champion Challenge, 1st place Breeder's Herd, 2nd place Produce of Dam, 3rd place Dairy Herd

2011 NEWDGA Show Spokane: (3 rings) 1st Place, 1st Place, and 1st Place as a 4year old milker, 2 times Grand Champion, 1 time Reserve Grand Champion.

2011 Clayton Show: 1st place 4 year old milker, Best Dairy Herd of Breed, Reserve Grand Champion

2011 Yakima Fair: 3rd 4 year old milker, 3rd Produce of Dam, 2nd Dairy Herd, 1st Breeders Herd

2011 Spokane Fair: 3rd 4 year old milker, 1st Produce of Dam, 2nd Dairy Herd, 1st Breeders Trio

2010 Clayton Show: 3yr old: Second place, 2nd Place Dairy Herd (Raya, Gingham, Kona, Jael)

2010 Spokane Fair: 3yr old:  3rd Place, 2nd Place Produce of Dam, 2nd Place Dairy Herd, 2nd Place Breeders Trio

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SG Reuel Samiel's EXP Sharik 11* M 3/14/06

2010 Elite Doe
2011 Elite Doe

Linear Appraisal Scores

1 yr 5 mo VVV+  83

2yr 3mo  +EVV  87

3yr 3mo   VVEE 90

4yr  5mo  VEEV 88

5yr 3mo   VEEE 90 

DHIR Milk Records

1 01 165 640 5.3 34 4.0 26

2 00 305 1860 5.9 110 4.2 79

3 00 235 1640 6.2 102 4.3 70

3 10 305 1890 6.5 122 4.3 81

4 11  305 1920 6.3 120 4.3 83

6 01 281 1540 6.3% 97 4.3% 66

6 11 268 1650 6.2 103 4.2 69

Sharik continues to improve with every passing year. Her rump is leveling out as she ages and her udder remains tightly attached and greatly productive. She is an easy going doe who takes things in stride. We really like the way she adjusts to life around her - weather it involves a long road trip, changes in weather, or just adjustments in the milking string. Nothing seems to bother this productive and strong doe. She continues to delight us with her antics. She is a confirmed cookie addict (as is her mother, Samiel) and proud of it. Sharik has discovered a new first love...Raspberry filled donuts... or any donuts... she begs unashamedly for those treats and expects her cookies as well.  She was AI'd in 2011 and we had great hopes for the birth of a doe.... Well, she went into labor at day 155 and we just couldn't get the kid out.  Our vet came out and did a c-section delivering a very large but dead kid. To make matters worse it was Sharik's first doe. She recovered very quickly from her surgery and has done very well. We are still hoping to get a doe kid from her.

Sire: SG Kastdemur's Expressway
Dam: SG Reuel Zephyr's EK Samiel 10*M

Show Wins

2012 Yakima Fair: 4th place aged doe

2012 Spokane Fair: 4th place aged doe

2011 Spokane Fair: 3rd Dam and Daughter

2011Yakima Fair: 5th Aged Doe, 5th Produce of Dam

2010 NEWDGA show: 3 rings: four year olds 4th, 2nd, 4th

2009 ADGA Nationals: 15th place 3 year old, 10th place Dairy Herd, 6th place Senior Get of Sire, 8th place Produce of Dam, 12th place Best of Three Females
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Reuel Espresso's SIR Kona 1*M 3/14/08

Linear Appraisal Scores

3mo V,V,V FS V

1yr 3mo V+V+  84

2yr 5mo VVVV 88

3yr 3mo EVEE 90

4yr 4mo VEEE 90

DHIR Milk Records

1-01 214 830 5.4 45 4.0 33

2 02 279 1550 6.1 95 4.1 64

3 00 280 1700 5.9 100 4.1 69

4 01 243 1460 5.5% 81 4.0% 59

5 01 282 1830 6.0 109 4.2 76

Kona is a very nice and quiet doe who shows nice depth of body and spring of rib. She has become a very correct milker.  She is outgoing and personable and she, too, enjoys the attention that she gets at fairs and in the ring. She has a really deep body and a very nice wedge shape. While she isn't as dairy as we would like she is very correct and is milking well. As a second freshening doe there was  a great deal of maturity and production. She is another of Sirocco's clones who continues to produce and show well.

Sire: *B SG Reuel Zephyr's JJ Sirocco 
Dam: Reuel Latte's EXP Espresso

Show Wins

2013 NEWDGA Show Spokane: (3 rings)  5 and Up Year Old Milker 1X 1st 1st udder and best udder of breed 2X 2nd  

2013 Clayton Show: 1st Place Aged Doe, 1st Place Udder, Grand Champion & Best of Breed, First Place Dairy Herd (Jael, Josee, Coromell, Kona)

2013 Spokane Fair: 2nd Place Aged doe, 2nd Place Dairy Herd (Jael, Coromell, Kona, Taffy), 2nd Place 3 Generation (Kona, Kimel, Piper)

2013 Yakima Fair: 4th place aged doe, 4th Dam & Daughter, 3rd 3-generation, 3rd pl Dairy Herd

2012 NEWDGA Show Spokane: (3 rings) 2X2nd, 1X3rd,4yr old:  1X Reserve Grand

2012 Clayton Show: 4th Place 4 year old, Best Dairy Herd of Breed

2012 Yakima Fair: 2nd place 4yr milker,4th place Dam and Daughter, 2nd place Dairy Herd, 1st place Breeder's Herd

2012 Spokane Fair: 4th place  4yr milker, 3rd place Dam and Daughter, 3rd place Dairy Herd

2011 NEWDGA Show Spokane: (3 rings) 6th Place, 5th Place, and 5th Place as a 3year old milker

2010 NEWDGA Show Spokane: (3 rings) 2 yr old: 4th, 1st, 1st & Reserve Grand

2010 Clayton Show: 2yr old: Fourth place, 2nd Place Dairy Herd (Raya, Gingham, Kona, Jael)

2009 Clayton Show: 1st Place Yearling Milker, First place Udder

2009 Spokane Fair: 2nd Place Yearling Milker

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SGCH Reuel Tapestry's SIR Taffeta   11*M  4/29/08

Linear Appraisal Scores

2yrs 4mo  VVEV 87

3yr 2mo EVEE 90

4yr 4mo EEEE 91

DHIR Milk Records

1 10 305 1710 5.2 89 3.7 64

2 11 281 1970 5.3 104 3.6 71

3 11 303 2020 5.7% 116 3.9 79

4 11 301 2050 5.9 120 3.7 75

Taffeta has been growing up very nicely.  When I clipped Taffy down we found a very correct and smooth doe under all the hair. She is a personable doe and very business like in the barn and in the milk room. She is exceptionally well blended throughout and has a very nice udder. We are very glad that we kept her as she has turned out very nicely and makes a nice Produce of dam with her sister Gingham. Taffeta has really come into her own and does very well in the ring but really HATES to be fussed with.  She sets herself up and tolerates the judge handling her.  We have high hopes for her as she continues to mature.

Sire: *B SG Reuel Zephyr's JJ Sirocco
Dam: SG Reuel Lacie’s EXP Tapestry

Show Wins

2013 NEWDGA Show Spokane: (3 rings) Champion Challenge: 1 X first and Best Of Breed 2X 2nd

2013 Spokane Fair: 5th Place Champion Challenge, 1st Place Breeder's Herd(Josee, Jael, Taffy), 2nd Place Dairy Herd(Jael, Coromell, Kona, Taffy)

2012 NEWDGA Show Spokane: (3 rings) 2X1st, 1X3rd, 3X best udder 4yr old, 1X best udder of breed,1XGrand &Best of Breed

2012 Clayton Show: 1st Place 4 year old with first udder, Grand Champion, Best of Breed, Best Dairy Herd of Breed

2012 Yakima Fair: 3rd place Champion Challenge, 2nd place Produce of Dam, 1st place Breeder's Herd, 2nd place Dairy Herd

2012 Spokane Fair: 3rd place 4yr old, 2nd place Produce of Dam,1st place Breeder's Herd, 3rd place Dairy Herd

2011 NEWDGA Show Spokane: (3 rings) 1st Place, 3rd Place, and 3rd Place as a 3year old milker

2011 Clayton Show: 1st place 3 year old milker, Grand Champion, Best of Breed, Best Udder of Breed, Best Dairy Herd of Breed

2011 Yakima Fair: 2nd Three Year Old Milker, 3rd Produce of Dam, 2nd Dairy Herd, 1st Breeders Herd

2011 Spokane Fair: 5th 3 yr old milker, Best Udder in Class, 2nd Nubian Udder, 1st Produce of Dam, 2nd Dairy Herd, 1st Breeders Trio

2010 Spokane Fair: 2yr old: 1st with 1st udder, 2nd Place Produce of Dam, 2nd Place Dairy Herd, 2nd Place Breeders Trio

2009 Clayton Show: 2nd place Dry Yearling

2009 Spokane Fair: 4th Place Dry Yearling, 3rd Place Best 3 Juniors 

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Reuel Rufus' JJ Ruth 2*M 5/23/02

Linear Appraisal Scores

4yrs 3mo VEEV 90

6yrs 1mo VVVE 88

DHIR Milk Records

1 08 305 920 5.9 54 4.1 38

2 09 302 1850 5.9 109 4.1 76

3 10 263 1700 5.6 95 4.0 68

4 10 203 1270 5.2 66 3.8 48

5 10 167 980 5.8 57 3.9 38

6-09 158 980 5.8 57 3.9 38

Ruthie has matured into a very nice and correct doe. Like her mother Rufus she was slow maturing. She is incredibly tall and graceful. She has gained great depth of body as well. We are delighted with her. Ruth was 17th in her class at Nationals in Spokane. She is quiet and very easy going. She continues to be a strong and healthy doe who carries her age very well. Ruth presented us with a beautiful set of twins this past spring and we soon dried her off to reduce our work load and give her a well deserved break.

Sire:  *++B SGCH Ladies Blue CMD Jesse James
Dam: GCH Reuel Valentine's J Rufus 1*M

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SGCH Reuel Zina's J.J. Zephyr 9*M  3/20/01

Linear Appraisal Scores

4yrs 3mo VEEV 90

6yrs 1mo VVVE 88

DHIR Milk Records

5yr 5mo V,E,E,E, 90

2 00 288 2030 5.0 101 3.7 76

2 11 305 2360 5.0 117 3.8 89

4 01 261 2200 5.2 115 3.9 86

4 11 305 2520 4.8 122 3.8 97

6 00 33 300 3.3 10 3.7 11

In March of 2001, Zina delivered a beautiful snow white buck and a nice solid black doe who had white ears. The kids were strong, healthy and grew nicely.  The doe kid was named Zephyr, was marked as a keeper kid, grew nicely and did fairly well in the show ring but was basically unremarkable. As a dry yearling she showed good strength but again wasn't particularly outstanding. As she matured through her pregnancy we began to get a glimpse of her future. She freshened with a beautiful udder, began to catch the judges eyes and quickly made her mark. As a second freshening 3 year old she blossomed into a spectacularly lovely doe. She quickly finished her GCH and embarked on an all too short show career that included many BOB wins along with several Best in Show wins. In 2005 she got 6th place in a very strong Four year old class at the National show. All through her show career Zephyr continued to milk well and she became the center piece of our show string and breeding program. An ADGA judge walked over to me at one show and shook my hand saying that Zephyr had the most perfect rear udder he had ever seen on a Nubian in all the years he had been judging. 

In the spring of 2007 Zephyr freshened beautifully and milked like the trooper that she was. We were looking forward to her chances as a 6 year old at the National Show. She was trim and fit and feeling well. She bloomed with good health and energy. About 6 weeks after she freshened Zephyr trooped into the milk room and jumped up on her regular stand for milking. She began to eat her grain normally and waited patiently for her turn to be milked. On that beautiful early summer evening in the blink of an eye things changed. Zephyr lifted her head from her grain pan, quietly maaaaad and dropped to the floor dead of an apparent heart attack... We were stunned. Zephyr is greatly missed but we are very pleased to have several of her offspring in our herd and in other herds as well.

Sire:*++B SGCH Ladies Blue CMD Jesse James
Dam: GCH Reuel Zif's Blue Zina 8*M

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SGCH Reuel Mei Tu's JJ Miriam 2*M 3/18/02 - 4/21/11

2005 Top Ten Breed Leader in Butterfat

Linear Appraisal Scores

4yrs 5mo VVEE  90

6yrs 3mo EEEE  91

DHIR Milk Records

1 01 265 1090 6.0 65 3.8 41

2 00 305 1760 6.1 107 3.9 69

3 00 290 2290 6.6 152 4.0 91

3 11 305 2550 6.0 154 3.9 100

5 00 305 1940 5.2 100 4.1 79

6 02 213 1310 5.4 71 4.0 52

Miriam is a long doe with a very nicely attached and shaped udder and correct leg set. She is very smooth. Her udder is EXCEPTIONAL. It is high and tight with a beautiful medial and great capacity. We are delighted with her! She placed 12th at the National show in Spokane. She ranked #3 on the Nubian Top Ten List in 2005 for her 152 pounds of Butterfat.

Miriam is proof that show does can and do milk too. We are very proud of her and pleased that her appraisal scores reflect her true worth.

Sire: *++B SGCH Ladies Blue CMD Jesse James
Dam: Kastdemur's EJ Mei Tu 1*M

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SG Zephyr's EK Samiel 10*M 3/16/04

2008 Elite Doe
2009 Elite Doe
2010 Elite Doe
2011 Elite Doe
2012 Elite Doe

Linear Appraisal Scores

2yr   4mo VEVE 90

4 yr  3mo VEEE  91

5yr 2mo VEEE  90

DHIR Milk Records

1 02 242 1250 5.8 72 3.9 49

11 305 1840 5.9 108 4.1 75

2 11 239 1930 5.6 109 4.1 80

4 00 292 2040 6.1 124 4.4 89

5 00 222 1530 5.8 89 4.2 65

6 00 124 930 5.5 52 4.1 38

6 11 245 1340 6.0 81 4.0 54

Samie's name means "hot dry wind off the desert" and it certainly fits her as she is an exuberant and playful doe. She is very deep bodied.

Sammie freshened with a very nice udder She has matured into a beautiful deep and productive doe that is a real credit to her dam. We are very pleased with her development and are looking forward to seeing what the next few years bring! She is a steady milker and has a steady and quiet temperament.   We are very pleased with this strong aged doe and her offspring. Sammie continues to be a big contributor to the herd with beautiful offspring. We are looking forward to seeing how her daughter Brenna grows.

Sire: Kastdemur's Excess Killian
Dam: SGCH Reuel Zina's JJ Zephyr 9*M

Show Wins

2009 ADGA Nationals: 8th Place Produce of Dam

2009Clayton Show: First place 5 year old, First place Udder, Best Dairy Herd of Breed

2009 Spokane Fair: 2nd Place Aged Doe, 2nd Place Dairy Herd, 2nd Place Breeders Trio

2011Spokane Fair: 1st Aged Doe, 3rd Dam and Daughter

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GCH Reuel Valentine's J. Rufus *M  4/11/95

DHIR Milk Records

2 02 206 1350 4.6 62 4.0 54

2 11 305 1660 4.5 75 4.2 69

355 1750 4.6 80 4.2 74

4 00 221 1320 4.5 59 4.1 54

4 11 202 1230 4.8 59 4.1 51

5 10 263 1400 4.9 69 4.1 57

7 01 124 740 4.7 35 3.8 28

7 11 83 83 4.7 25 4.2 22

Rufus was, over all, perhaps the most correct doe we have ever bred. She had an exceptionally high tight udder both fore and rear and was powerful without loss of femininity. At the Nationals in Sacramento (1999) she was the 4th place four year old. She was chosen Best of Breed at three open shows in 2002 as well as Best Doe In Show at one. She was a large and powerful doe. Rufus dearly loved the show ring and if she ever slipped her collar on the ringside tie line, she headed straight for the ring falling in line in what ever class was being shown.  We had a hard time heading her off at the gate.  Some time when she was four years old she suffered a shoulder injury that seemed to heal on its own. As she aged that injury began to take its toll and eventually resulted in our having to put her down . It was a very sad day. Although we would have liked to see Rufus milk more, she was a beautiful doe and has left an indelible mark on our herd.  We have semen from *B Rufus' JJ Ryan, and *B Rufus' Silver Raynor in our tank and use them from time to time in an attempt to bring Rufus' tremendous stature and strength into specific lines. 

Sire:+*B GCH Reuel Ms Jonathan's Image 
Dam: Reuel Shula's Regal Valentine

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GCH Reuel Zif's Blue Zina 8*M 3/15/98

Linear Appraisal Scores

8yrs 5 mo E,V,E,+  FS 88

DHIR Milk Records

1 02 258 1220 4.8 58 4.0 49

2 00 300 2070 4.5 79 3.8 79

3 00 240 2130 4.7 101 3.8 82

4 00 200 1660 4.5 74 3.8 63

5 00 277 1690 4.6 77 3.9 66

5 11 211 1140 4.5 51 3.8 43

6 10 258 1020 5.3 54 4.0 41

7 11 201 1000 4.3 43 3.5 35

 Zina was very powerful and correct. Her striking dark palomino color really caught your eye. She had a prominent mischievous streak which she displayed at every opportunity. We are very proud of this beautiful animal. Zina still reigned as queen of the herd and bummed cookies from anyone who would feed them to her. Zina was a properly spoiled and well loved matriarch who more than paid her way with beautiful offspring and her calming influence. She is sorely missed but her daughter and grand daughters continue to strongly influence the herd. Zina was a joy to own and show or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that Zina was a joy to be owned by. We miss her quiet strength and sense of humor but are grateful for having had the joy of knowing her.

Sire: GCH +*B  Ladies Blue Wicked Blue Suede
Dam:Reuel Hanna's Regal Zif 7*M
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GCH Reuel Lass' J.J. Lacie 9*M   3/16/2001

Lacie was a very powerful and correct doe. She was shown in the same classes as Zephyr and was often reserve to her half sister. As soon as Zephyr finished her Permanent Championship Lacie stepped up to take her place and quickly finished her GCH only to fall back in line behind Zephyr in the Champion Challenge classes. Lacie had great power and a smoothly deceptive strength. The only thing that Lacie could have improved on was Dairy Character although she did fairly well in the milk bucket she just didn't quite have the flair in the ring that Zephyr had. We appreciated Lacie's determined temperament and she let very little fluster her.

She was a strong doe and when she developed Ketosis we were very surprised until we delivered her 4 kids and a bag of fluid that soaked the kidding stall. She just didn't have any room for her food but she managed to hang on long enough to deliver her babies. Tapestry is a beautiful tribute to her mother and we are very happy to have her in our herd.

Sire:*++B SGCH Ladies Blue CMD Jesse James
Dam:Reuel Lela's S. Lass 8*M

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SG Zephyr's RY Chinook 10*M 5/2/05

Linear Appraisal Scores

1yr 4 mo V,V,+,V FS86

2 yrs 3 mo V,V,V,V, FS 86

3yr 1mo V,E,V,E FS 90

4yr 1 mo E,V,E,V, FS 90

DHIR Milk Records

1 00 246 1030 5.7 59 4.2 43

1 10 262 1400 4.7 66 4.1 58

2 10 212 1280 5.0 64 4.3 55

3 11 214 910 4.6 42 4.2 38

Chinook is a product of a ½ brother ½ sister breeding. We don't do these breedings very often but wanted to see how the resulting kid would turn out and we were delightfully surprised. Chinook is a basic brown doe with exceptionally nice breed character. She shows great promise and is growing well. She is quite eye catching even in her plain brown wrapper.

Chinook has proved to be a steady if not spectacular milker and she continues to be a quiet presence in our herd. We are looking forward to her kidding on February 14 and would very much like a doe out of her and Micah.

Sire: *+B Reuel Rufus' JJ Ryan
Dam:SGCH Reuel Zina's JJ Zephyr 9*M


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SG Reuel Zizah's JJ Kai 11*M 3/29/05

Linear Appraisal Scores

1 year 5 mo EC,EC,V FS EC

2 year 5 mo E,E,E,E FS 89

3 year 3 mo V,E,E,E FS 90

4yr 3mo E,E,E,V, FS 90

DHIR Milk Records

2 00 305 1870 5 94 3.8 71

3 01 269 1930 5.5 105 4.0 78

3 11 302 1990 5.2 103 4.2 83

Kai freshened in 2007 with a spectacular udder and we were thrilled at her prospects for the show season. We took her to her first show as a milker and in her first ring she finished dead last. She was so timid that she tried to hide as she was shown. In the second ring she relaxed a bit and managed to move up from 11th to third. As the season went on she not only grew in stature and maturity she really began to enjoy the show ring and gained confidence and showed well.  She is a very laid back doe that has the very annoying habit of falling asleep while standing up. We are looking forward to having her freshen for us again this spring. She appraised very well and we expect her to continue to do well.

Kai has mellowed as she has gotten older and although she occasionally gets spooked she settles down fast and is very business like in her attitude.  She is a strong and reliable milker who continues to appraise very well.

Sire:*++B SGCH Ladies Blue CMD Jesse James
Dam:Reuel Zephyr's R Zizah 10*M

Show Wins

2009 Clayton Show: 2nd place 4 year old, Best Dairy Herd of Breed

2009 Spokane Fair: 4th Place 4 Yr Old

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+B SG Kastdemur's Expressway 2/11/05

Elite Sire

Press at 7 years old

Linear Appraisal Scores

2 yrs 4 mo V,V,E FS 87

3yr 4mo V,V,E, FS 88

4yrs 4mo +,E,V, FS 86

7yr 6mo EEE 91

Press at 4 years old


In 2004 we looked at our breeding program and decided that we wanted to "kick" it up to another level. I started looking at other herds in an effort to find the "perfect" buck that would enhance the strengths that we already have and we think we have found just that guy! Every breeder has a dream and Expressway was ours. I looked at many herds seeking a herd that showed great depth and consistency and we found that to our eye and mind Kastdemur's is unsurpassed in that area. After much discussion we arrived at an agreement with Karen and Expressway arrived. He has proved to be a beautiful and gentle young man. We simply love him, his pedigree, his temperament, his looks, and have great hopes for his offspring. He will be bred to a number of Jesse James daughters this season and to several of our Permanent Grand Champions. He is the stuff dreams are made of and we are delighted to have him in our herd. Our thanks to Karen for selling him to us and to Cindy Silva for bringing him home to us. He is truly a dream come true. In the Spring of 2007 we freshened 3 Press daughters and wound up keeping all of them! His daughters are colorful and have beautifully attached udders. We like their style, temperaments and lovely fore udders as well as their dairiness and height.

Sire's Sire: ++*B GCH Kastdemur's MPR Liaison
Sire: +*B SG Kastdemur's LE Exacta
Sire's Dam: Kastdemur's CPE No Excuses 4*M

Dam's Sire: ++*B Kastdemur's LH Full Service
Dam: SGCH Kastdemur's Next Exit
Dam's Dam: Kastdemur's CPE No Explanation 4*M

Show Wins

2009 Nationals: 6th Place Senior Get of Sire

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++*B SGCH Ladies Blue CMD  James       4/7/97

Get of Sire


JJ's Daughters



Best Dairy Herd

J.J. was a upstanding buck with a beautiful rear leg set and the most open and rounded escutcheon that we have ever seen. His mother was outstanding doe, she classified 90 (E, E, E, E) at six. We have long admired Trish and are thrilled to have her genes in our herd. Her son had a delightful temperament and was a joy to work with. His daughters were very nice with wonderful angulation and temperament. JJ has proven himself to be a consistent buck siring uniformly long, smooth daughters with lovely mammaries. J.J. really filled out as a 4 year old and at 350 pounds was truly a gentle giant of a buck. He gently romanced his does and treated them as a gentleman should. We are very proud of this buck and his offspring.

He has sired numerous Permanent Champions, Superior Genetics animals, and Does that score in the 90's. His Senior Get of Sire was undefeated in 2004 and again in 2007. Our get of Jesse James placed 6th at the 2005 nationals and we will continue to use him as much as we can through AI. It was a very sad day late in January 2007 when we had to say good bye to our favorite Old Man. He has and will continue to be greatly missed. We will continue to use Jesse James on carefully selected does via AI and are very thankful to have a supply of his semen in our tank.

S.S. ++*B GCH H.Homestead Catalyst
Sire: ++*B Ladies-Blue Cat-Man-Do
S.D. 5*M Ladies Blue Wicked Figure
D.S. ++*B H.Homestead Smooth Blend
Dam: 3*M GCH Ladies Blue Smooth Trish
D.D. 2*M Ladies Blue BlackLilly

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